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Effective, efficient lab recruiting is an important process for every healthcare provider. Lab technicians perform a variety of vital tests needed for virtually every medical practice. In turn, hospitals and other facilities would do well to understand how to recruit the best technicians for their location! With this in mind, check out 6 facts you should know about healthcare lab recruiting and how to improve the process for your practice.

  1. Some states require licensure
    Requirements for healthcare lab technicians vary from state to state. Additionally, some states require special licensure for lab techs. To find out licensing requirements for your state, check with the Department of Health or state board of occupational licensing.
  2. Demand for lab technicians is expected to grow rapidly
    According to some studies, lab technician jobs are expected to grow by 7% through the year 2031. However, other studies suggest that this is a modest guess!
    For instance, an increase in the older population over the coming decades means more demand for elderly health screening. Also, prenatal testing for various health concerns and genetic conditions is also becoming more common. Consequently, there is more demand for technicians than ever, and that demand is expected to rise rapidly.
  3. Even small offices need a lab technician on staff
    Even a small doctor’s office needs an experienced lab technician on staff. Onsite laboratory analysis allows doctors to offer advanced screening and to make quick decisions regarding a patient’s care. It also means easier communication between the technician and physician. With demand for testing growing, as said, every facility must consider a full-time lab technician for their facility.
  4. Expect more technicians from outside the U.S.
    Increased demand for technicians means that today’s hiring methods are changing rapidly. For example, some practitioners might recruit lab techs outside the United States. While this often

presents challenges with language barriers, paperwork, and the like, it can also widen your candidate pool. Also, many healthcare workers immigrating to the U.S. can be hardworking and highly motivated.

  1. Healthcare practitioners often struggle to keep up with lab technician recruiting
    Despite the demand for experienced, quality technicians, healthcare providers often struggle to find qualified candidates for their practice. However, recruiters often note common mistakes practitioners make during the recruitment process. For example, practitioners might fail to include benefits and perks in their job descriptions.
    Also, they might fail to advertise positions through social media. Some might also wait until there is an opening to advertise versus accepting resumes to keep on hand. In turn, they lose many viable candidates.
  2. Professional healthcare recruiting is worth the investment!
    If you’re a healthcare provider looking to hire experienced, qualified personnel for your facility, professional recruiting is worth the investment! Professional recruiting agencies often maintain advertising accounts with medical journals, college newsletters, and other outlets. Also, they will usually have active social media accounts they utilize for recruiting.
    Above all, professional agencies know how to screen candidates according to your needs. For instance, a candidate should be familiar with computer programs for managing patient data. By narrowing down your list of candidates, a professional takes the stress out of healthcare lab recruiting.
    If you’re interested in learning more about recruiting services for laboratory technicians, please get in touch with Peabody Healthcare Agency.

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