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We specialize in large-scale staffing for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and more. So when you need a group of nurses and laboratory staff, our agency has the skillset to find them. Labor disruption and staff shortages are real; we’re here to help combat them.


We also recuit for IT healthcare positions. So, trust that we’ll find the technical team you need for cybersecurity and more.


There’s been a trend of inadequate nurse staffing all over the country. We’re here to change that by providing your medical care facility with the nation’s most skilled and ambitious nurses. Look to our agency to find CNAs, LPNs, and RNs for home-based nursing agencies, hospitals, and nursing homes.


Are you looking to fill positions for chemists, microbiologists, histologists, and pathologists? We can help you with that! Each year our expert staffers quickly link qualified lab techs with clinics, hospitals, and blood banks. So don’t spend another day understaffed. Instead, call us!

Why Us?

Get Connected With Experienced Nurses & Lab Technicians

Peabody Healthcare Agency is committed to providing 24/7 staffing solutions for hospitals, nursing centers, and laboratories. We understand the challenges of filling healthcare positions internally, so we’re here to take the lead. With our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we excel in matching clients with top-tier medical experts. Our founders, Ayodeji and Faith Oludimu, bring decades of combined expertise in nursing and laboratory. They have an eye for exceptional talent and understand the demands of healthcare roles firsthand. We would appreciate your developing a tailored plan to keep your agency fully staffed and prepared to meet your patient’s needs.




Our Visions

We Prioritize Meeting Your Staffing Needs!

Trusted IT, nurse and laboratory staffing doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Allow us to get your staff for you. We guarantee that you’ll receive highly motivated professionals who care about the well-being of others just as much as you do. Our top priority is always 100% customer satisfaction, and we believe you’ll get just that when choosing Peabody Healthcare Agency as your go-to staffing expert. To get started with a no-cost consultation, please call or email.

Why Choose
Peabody Healthcare Agency?

Experienced Team

Ayodeji and Faith Oludimu have individual experience in the nursing, laboratory, and medical staffing field. As a result, clients can expect stellar services that meet all their healthcare agency staffing needs.

Fully Licensed & Certified

We care about the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Our passion for the healthcare industry and caring for others tops everything else that we do. That’s why keeping up with licensing and continued education means the world to us.

Affordable Rates

Our agency offers the most competitive rates in the country for nursing, lab staffing, and IT recruiting services. We understand our clients are already under heavy stress, and we don’t want to add to the burden with over-inflated fees.

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